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Telescoping Flagpole

telescoping flag pole Take your flag to new heights with our easy to use telescoping flag pole.

These telescoping flag poles are virtually indestructible.
 Made to exacting specifications, they will never let you down. These flag poles have two great benefits over previously designs in the telescoping flagpole industry.

The first is the “Easy-Lock” system, which uses an upper and lower sleeve system. As you raise the lower section the lower sleeve automatically indexes into the upper sleeve, no matter the position of the pole. This is the simplest system on the market with only two parts per section and no spring loaded button to line up or snap in place.

The second major improvement is the patent pending “Spring-Assist” available on the Estate and Commercial models. The “Spring-Assist” system reduces the weight needed to raise the pole. When you release a section from the lock position the spring will lift that section halfway and then assist it to the full extension and lock into place.

In the design of flagpoles bigger is better, this line of telescoping flag pole uses larger tubing diameter along with 6000 series aluminum with a T6 temper. This makes our pole 30% stronger than other 20 foot telescoping flagpoles

What is a telescoping flag pole?  Telescoping flagpoles are made from different diameter tubes that slip inside each other. Each section is raised and locked into place, starting with the smallest section. Due to the tapered effect, telescoping flagpoles maintain their strength to height ratios. Telescoping flagpoles do not have ropes to tangle and wear or hardware to constantly clang in windy conditions. Telescoping flagpoles are manufactured in heights from 16 ft. to 20 ft. In heights over 20ft, the pole can become very heavy to lift, therefore to save your back, look for a pole with spring assist. Prices range from $150.00 to $750.00. These poles are manufactured out of aluminum and have an anodized finish. The life expectancy of the telescoping flagpole is 10 to 30 years with minimal maintenance.

What materials to look for when purchasing a flag pole?  The best all around material for a flagpole is aluminum. Look for aircraft grade (6000 series) aluminum with T6 temper. The best overall finish is hard anodized or architectural grade anodized finish as it is the most resistant to wear and scratches.

When purchasing a telescoping flag pole what should you look for?  Strength of a flagpole is mainly determined by the diameter of the tube used. When comparing flagpoles of the same height look for the largest diameter tubing in each section as this will provide the strongest flagpole. Wall thickness has some benefit to strength but not nearly as much as the diameter size.

Locking systems on telescoping flag poles?  Locking systems will vary among different manufacturers since most manufacturers have a patent on their processes. Look for a system that is self-indexing and self-locking. That means when each section is raised it is automatically guided into the locking position. The locking system should be a positive locking system and not a friction or expansion based. Look for a system with minimal moving parts for reduced failure.

What are spring assisted telescoping flag poles?  Verify that the manufacturer offers a spring assist system. On smaller flagpoles the spring assist system is great because minimal strength is required. For flagpoles that are over 20 ft. the spring assist is beneficial because the pole weight can vary from 12lbs. to 20lbs.

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