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FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPT

FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPT
FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPTFloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPT
Item #Flood Stop II - 3/4 NPT
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FloodStop Water Heater Valve Photo

Prevent Water Heaters from flooding your property:
Water Heaters have a limited life, then leak after years of corrosion. Water Heaters are generally considered a maintenance-free appliance, but they are also one of the single most damaging appliances in the home. Because Water Heaters are continually under pressure, even small pressurized leaks can quickly flood and devastate a home. Whether at home, at work, or on vacation these flooding events can go undetected for hours or even days.

Without FloodStop, Flooding Will Continue:
Unexpected appliance failures cause flooding and water damage, which will continue unabated until the problem is discovered and the water supply is manually shut off.

With FloodStop, Property Damage is Avoided:
FloodStop for water heater
Water loss from unexpected appliance failures and hose ruptures are detected by FloodStop's water/leak sensor, and the water supply is automatically and immediately shut off.

FloodStop (FS 3/4-NPT) automatically shuts off the water supply to the Water Heater and sounds an alarm, leaving all other household fixtures and appliances operational. Easily installed in fifteen minutes. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

FloodStop (FS 3/4-NPT) Components:
• Motorized Ball Valves (3/4 inch NPT pipe threaded)
• Control Unit with Battery Backup (4 AA batteries)
• Water/Leak Sensor (1.25” X 7.5”)
• AC Power Adaptor

Download the FloodStop Water Heater Shut off User Manual

Wire Lengths:
Wiring Harness:

  • Controller to Sensor Wire Length: 7 feet
  • Controller to Valve Wire Length: 3 feet

Transformer: Wire Length: 6 feet

FloodStop motorized ball valve for heaters

How FloodStop (FS 3/4-NPT) Works:
• The FloodStop valve is installed between the Water Heater and its manual shutoff valve.
• Water/leak sensor is placed at the base of the Water Heater
• Valve stays open until water loss is detected
• Water on sensor closes FloodStop valve and sounds alarm
• Valve stays closed until problem is attended to and system is reset

New Next Generation Features:
  • Controller has Battery Port for 4 AA size batteries, which will serve as the Primary Power Source if a nearby electrical outlet is not available.  When using the AC wall adapter/transformer the same batteries serve as a back-up power source if an electrical power interruption/outage takes place.  To prevent water damage during a power outage and to make sure batteries are installed, this model will beep until batteries are inserted
  • Controller will have one output for connection to Alarm or Home Automation system if desired. This feature can be used to automatically alert the property owner if the FloodStop was activated.
  • Valves are now lead free

Question: how do i reset it?
Answer: To reset the flood stop system, you simply dry out the sensor and press the OPEN button to reset the valve.
Question: How do you know when to replace the batteries? Is there some type of indicator?
Answer: Yes, the Flood Stop System has a low battery alert. If you are using the batteries as the primary power source we recommend replacing them every year.
Question: If tank should leak wouldnt all the water drain from tank? If no one was home to hear the alarm..
Answer: The water would not necessarily all drain from the tank and here is why. Once a leak is detected from water getting on the FS sensor the FloodStop valve will close. When it closes it removes the high pressure from allowing the hole to grow and the closed valve creates a vacuum within the water heater.

That being said, if someone subsequently opens a faucet to wash their hands with warm water the water heater might start dripping, but the person will soon discover there’s no hot water, at which time they will shut off the water (vacuum back in play) and will then go to the water heater to find the FloodStop alarm going off.

You can have the Flood Stop System connected to auto phone dialers, alarm systems, or X10 home automation devices so you would be notified if you care not home.
Question: What does the low battery alert sound or look like? Is it a flashing sequence or series of beeps?
Answer: The low battery alert on the Flood Stop System is a series of beeps.
Question: The installation pictures show the valve installed horizontally. Can the valve be installed vertically also?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Is the ball valve lead free?
Answer: All the FloodStop valves are lead-free.
Question: Can this unit be installed in an unconditioned space such as the attic where temperatures can range from 0 to 130 F? If so can it be installed with AA batteries installed?
Answer: Yes.
FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shut Off Valve 3/4 NPT

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