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Air King Cooling Fans

Air King is a manufacturer of ventilation products. Air King manufacturers a diverse selection of bath exhaust fans, range hoods, industrial and commercial grade fans, ceiling fans, air circulators, and other building/home products.

RE Williams began selling the Air King product line back in 2002, we started with just one fan the Air King 20" window fan, and expanded the line shortly thereafter.  Our current web catalog includes Air King's exhaust fans, industrial and commercial fans, air circulators and heaters.  If you can't find a fan you are looking for - Please Contact Us!

Air King Industrial fan Line: This line  is comprised of 8 different fan types:

Assembled Fan Heads

Pedestal Fans

Wall Mount Fans

Floor Fans

Multi-Mount/Dock Fans

Ceiling Mount Fans

Drum Fans

Drum Fan With Tilt Stand

Air King industrial fans are manufactured with permanently lubricated motors, for maintenance-free operation. They boast that their fans are rigorously tested before shipping to provide for many years of use. For safety, each fan is ground via a three wire plug and cord. Their fan guards meet OSHA requirements. The Air King fan motors have a three year warranty, while other fan parts have a one year warranty.

Our Companies Take On These Fans: Excellent. The fans are quiet on lower speeds, good performers, durable, high air flow, good quality, with minimal customer service related issues. Air King offers a great selection of different models in their Industrial fan line.

Air King Industrial And Commercial Fan Catalog  (If you see a product in the catalog not listed on our website please call us for more info, 1-888-845-6597)

Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fans:

These fans are perfect for use in offices, hospitals, schools and churches.

Air King Model 9012 -
12" fan blades

Air King Model 9016 -
16" fan blades

Air King Model 9046 -
16" fan blades
(Remote Control/Timer)

Air King Model 9018 -
18" fan blades

Our Companies Take On These Fans:   Excellent.  Model 9012 works well for smaller rooms/area, Model 9016/9046 for medium size areas (9046 comes with a remote control and built-in shut off timer), Model 9018 is good for larger rooms/areas.  These oscillating wall mount fans are designed especially for use in areas where a QUIET fan is desired. 

Air King Window Fans:

These are larger sized window fans and they move a lot of air, especially the 20" Model 9166.  These fans are capable of removing the hot air from your entire home or apartment pretty quickly.  Model 9166 moves over 3500 cubic feet of air per minute - that is a lot of blowing!  What's great about these fans are that during spring and summer months, when the inside temperature of your home is warmer than the outside (like when you get home from work), and its all stuffed up and hot, turn this fan on to blow that hot stale air right outside.  If you open windows or even a door at the opposite end of where the fan is placed, you will draw the cooler outside air into your living space, cooling it down fast.  Even better, it will allow you to cool your home on many days without the need to turn on your air conditioner, talk about saving money on your electric bill!  These fans run at a fraction of the cost of running your air conditioner.

Even better, ever cooked something, like fish and it filled your home with that fish odor?  Well not only can these fans bring air into your living space, they are reversible and can suck the smelly fish odor right out of your home!  They call this type of fan a reversible exhaust fan.  We think its great, its like having 2 fans in one!     

These fans were also designed to close the windows behind the fans, a pretty cool function, Air King calls it their Storm Guard feature.

The only drawback to these fans that I can tell you about is, their size.  The 20" window fan is large and weighs approximately 36.6 lbs.  The 16" window fan is moderately smaller from the 20" fan and is strikingly lighter at 15 lbs.

Air King Model 9166
Designed For Windows: 27" to 38" x 26.25"H

Air King Model 9155
Designed For Windows:
26.5" to 34.5" x 22"H

Our Companies Take On These Fans:   Excellent.  These are one of our favorite fans (yeah - can you believe we get excited about fans).  They are moderately loud on high speed (but on low extremely tolerable), move a lot of air, can cool large rooms or even an entire home quickly. 

Commercial Grade Oscillating Pedestal Fans

These fans are great for areas where there is limited floor and table space.  These fans have 90 degree oscillation or can be locked to a non-oscillating position, are three speed, have 7' power cords and are constructed of a metal front grill with an impact resistant plastic rear grill.  The height of the fans are adjustable.  The fans are ETL listed, and comply with OSHA safety requirements.

Air King Model 9119 - 18" fan blades
Dimensions:  20.25"L x 20.25"W x 53.75"H

Air King Model 9126 - 16" fan blades
Dimensions:18"L x 18"W x 52"H

Our Companies Take On These Fans: Excellent.  Ideal for health clubs, stores, classrooms.


We also carry the entire line of Air King Exhaust Bathroom Fans


I hope you liked our Buyer's Review Guide of the Air King Line of Fans. Please call (Toll Free: 1-888-845-6597/Direct: 1-661-775-5979) or email us with any questions you may have about the Air King line of fans.


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