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Garage Ventilation Fans

Garages serve a number of purposes: from parking our cars to storing our paint, insecticides, and tools, they serve an practical function in running our lives. For some, the garage is even the handyman's workshop, where vehicle repairs and wood working is done, as well as long hours spent.

But harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen can linger in the garage space, which may be harmful to your health. Some breathing and respiratory problems may arise from breathing in toxic gases from the garage.

In fact, the EPA indicates that one of the most significant sources of indoor air quality health concerns is the attached garage. The EPA further points out that inadequate ventilation is a contributing factor to sick building syndrome, which is a health condition linked to time spent in a building. But with proper garage ventilation, you can minimize these harmful gases getting into your home and your lungs.

Proper Garage Ventilation
Proper garage ventilation through a wall exhaust fan is critical because it helps to prevent gases from accumulating within a closed garage. Not only can carbon monoxide from a vehicle accumulate, but chemical gases from contaminants like paints, glues and pesticides may build up. A garage exhaust fan will safely remove these gases; it'll also removes dampness to keep the garage dry with low humidity. This will help to prevent moisture and condensation from building up, which could damage valuables.

Wall Garage Exhaust Fans
A garage ventilation exhaust fan also helps to keep the temperature inside the garage low. If your garage is hot during the summer months, a garage exhaust wall fan will keep it cool. Just as metal retains and radiates heat, so do chemicals. Keep in mind that if you store products that contain chemicals, such as gasoline, pesticides and insecticides there is a danger of a chemical reaction or even fire if the product heats up too much or reacts with each another. Put to use in residential or commercial settings, garage wall exhaust fans keep the area from getting too hot.

Most standard wall garage exhaust fans are easy to install and control. They have a temperature or humidity control feature that allows for different setting changes depending on the conditions. They are energy efficient and quiet, so you can work on your handy-man projects without being bothered by noise. When wiring the fan to a timer, you can have the fan run on a schedule as needed. Some people wire the wall exhaust fan to the garage door opener to run every time a car enters or exits the garage. A garage exhaust ventilation through the wall kit adapts to varying wall thicknesses. Fans come equipped with an integrated spring loaded backdraft damper to help keep insects outside. Fans should also have adequate incoming air.

The bottom line: Keeping cars, paints, insecticides, and other chemicals in an unventilated garage can be a recipe for danger. Even if the garage is a detached garage, having proper garage ventilation is important to expel hazardous fumes outside, keep the garage temperature from getting to hot, and keep the indoor air quality safe.


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