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July 2015 Email Newsletter
Fans & Ventilation For Your Home
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With summer temperatures at their hottest, it's important to think about proper ventilation for your home. Trapped heat and trapped moisture can both have major consequences on your home. Today's houses are built to be airtight, and that can impact air quality or lead to a buildup of mold or mildew. The EPA indicates that increased ventilation is an effective approach to improving indoor air quality. Proper ventilation keeps your home safe, and it can also create savings for you when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to all the vents and fans you can use to improve ventilation in your home. Have questions about your home's ventilation? Call us! We are in our office Monday – Friday from 7 am – 5 pm Pacific time and are happy to help.  888-301-5656.
In a home that's not properly ventilated, heat can become trapped in the attic. Most homes have passive ventilation built in, but passive vents aren't always enough. Give your roof vents a boost by installing a powered attic fan to remove excess heat. 

Heat buildup in your attic causes your air conditioner to run harder and longer, costing you more to cool your home.
Attic Fans
Bathroom Exhaust Fans - Ceiling Mounted Make your bathroom more comfortable with the right bathroom exhaust fan. We carry a large selection of bathroom fans with lights, with heaters, and more from top brands like Panasonic, Air King, Fantech, and Soler & Palau. We even carry inline bathroom exhaust fans.

We're experts on bathroom fans - give us a call if you need help finding the right one for your home.
Cool off your entire home by moving air from rooms that are too hot into an adjacent room. Use room to room ventilation to make your home more comfortable. If you have one area in your home that is hotter (or cooler) than the others, you can use these fans to transfer that air. Room to Room Ventilators
Window and Wall Mounted Fans Using a fan in the bedroom or other living spaces in your home can help you feel cooler without relying on air conditioning. We carry window-mounted fans, which can bring in cool air. One of our favorites is the Air Director, which can be used as a window fan or a floor fan.

Wall-mounted fans circulate air without taking up floor space. We even have one with a remote control
Did you know your garage can get up to 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature? Add this to the heat from a just-parked car that's been out on the road under the hot sun, and your garage can feel like an EZ Bake Oven.

The solution? Garage cooling fans that lower the air temperature and refresh the air with clean outside air. These fans control temperatures and remove condensation to protect everything inside your garage.
Garage Ventilation
Crawlspace Ventilation A lack of ventilation can cause mold and mildew growth, pest infestation and wood rot. Moist environments beckon frustrating pests and unsafe wood deterioration. A crawl space ventilation fan helps with all of the above problems.

Crawl space vents play a critical role in minimizing potential wood decay and wood rot that could destroy your home's foundation.  They're essential for homes with musty orders or wet soil and insulation.
  To determine how much crawl space ventilation you would need, follow this formula. First you need the cubic area of the crawl space.  This can be calculated by multiplying the length x width x height of your crawl space.
Divide this number by 15 to determine the minimum CFM (cubic feet per minute) necessary to fully ventilate the space in 15 minutes.
Having too much moisture in your basement can cause pest problems and also cause damage to your home. These basement ventilation fans can help keep your basement dry and improve the air quality in your basement. If your home is at risk for radon, we have basement fans that can remove radon as well.  Basement Ventilation
Whole House Fans Whole house fans are a great choice for the environmentally-conscious homeowner because they save energy. Not only do whole house fans help to save planet earth, but they save the homeowner a substantial amount of money when compared to running central air conditioning.
Some estimated reports indicate that a whole house fan can be operated for as little as one-tenth the cost of central air conditioning. Rebates may even be available from your utility company for installing a whole house fan. Environmentally conscious and budget-minded people are taking a closer look at whole house fans and their benefits.
We have been telling you all about how fans can make the inside of your home cooler this summer, but we also have outdoor fans, included outdoor-rated wall mount fans and over two dozen different misting fans for the best cooling effect. Make your deck or patio a great destination for relaxation and add a new outdoor fan. Outdoor Fans & Misting Fans

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