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Home > July 2016 Newsletter: Is Your Home Safe?

July 2016 Newsletter: Is Your Home Safe?

Prove It With These Safety Proof Products
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   Solar Security Lights 
  Whether youíre looking to illuminate a dark walkway for safety, or deter a burglar, our motion activated Solar Security Lights detect movement up to 45 ft. away. These easy to install solar lights have 100 LEDs that automatically brighten up, and stay lit in any dark outside areas of your home or business. 100 LED Solar Security Light
   Solar Lamp Posts & Path Lights 
Elegante Aluminum Solar Light - Wall or Post   Reduce your electricity bill, and integrate style and efficiency with one of our Solar Lamp Posts or Path Lights. With these cost effective solar devices, homeowners donít have to worry about tripping over exposed cables, or switching lights on and off while theyíre away. They automatically illuminate the grounds whether youíre home or not, keeping you safe and protected from thieves or vandals.
   Portable Fire Escape Ladders
  According to the National Fire Protection Association, someone dies in a house fire every three hours. While itís important to have smoke detectors in your home, itís equally important to have an escape plan.

Our portable Fire Escape Ladders are easy to use and ensure that you or your family can exit your home in the event of a house fire. Designed for residential or commercial buildings, 2 to 6 stories high, these light weight ladders fit all window and wall sizes so children and older adults can use them with ease. 

2-Story 13 Ft. Lightweight Fire Escape Ladder
   Water Leak Detection
FloodStop Water Leak Detection Systems

Donít risk ruining hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, or other valuables when an unexpected water leak occurs. FloodStop Water Leak Detection Systems automatically shuts off the water leaks at their source, protecting your belongings from costly damage. Itís unfortunate, but true. Many people will buy a FloodStop Water Leak Detection System after theyíve experienced a nasty water leak in their home. 
   Dryer Lint Cleaning Kit
  Over 15,000 dryer related fires happen in the U.S. annually. Help Prevent hazardous clothes dryer fires with our LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit. This kit comes with a number of dryer vent cleaning tools that are easy to use with the help of a cordless drill. The rotating bristles of the Auger Brush, attached to the flexible rods flush the entire vent wall surface, getting hard to reach places common in dryer vent systems, and works with metal, foil, or white vinyl clothes dryer vents.
LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit
   Radon Fans
Side Wall Radon Mitigation System   Almost 1 in every 15 homes in the US is estimated to have an elevated radon level according to the EPA. We carry several different radon mitigation systems from Tjernlund, Suncourt, and Fantech which will help remove high levels of radon from your home and keep your family safe from its danger.
   Chimney/Pellet Stove DIY Cleaning Kit
  Professional cleaning can cost up to $150! Try our SootEater Chimney Cleaning Systems, featuring intense spinning power to clean flues up to 18 feet long. This cleaner wonít scratch metal flue pipes, and we have an Ash Vacuum that goes well with the chimney/pellet stove cleaning kits!  SootEater RCH205 Rotary Chimney Cleaning System
  Sandless Sandbags
Sandless Sandbags   Youíll be better prepared to withstand the toughest storms with our sandless sandbags. Theyíre light weight, easy to stack, require no filling, and contain and divert flood water quickly. We have them for purchase in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your safety needs.
   Dust Containment
  ZipWall is a great system for homeowners who are undergoing a remodeling project. It creates a contaminant free zone to keep the dust and debris in and out of the rest of your home. Most importantly, it protects occupants from harmful dust and airborne particles.
Zip Pole Four Pack System
   Mold/Mildew Inhibitor
1 Shot n Gone Mold/Mildew Inhibiting Liquid - 1 Gallon   Our Mold Inhibitors tackle mold and mildew from growing on your outdoor furniture, pool, deck, tents, and sleeping bags. Safe to use around children and pets!

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