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Accessories & Filters for Nikro Vacuums

We carry a variety of accessories, collection bags and filter protectors for your Nikro Vacuum. If you do not see what you need, call us, we can get it for you.

Collection Bag 6pk - 520032P
Collection Bag - 520033P
Filter Protector 6pk
Filter Protector for PW10088
Dacron Filter Bag 520037
Dacron Filter Bag 520210
HEPA Filter 520307
HEPA filter for Nikro Vacuums - 861969
Impaction Filter 520316P - 6 Pack
1 1/2" x 10' Hose Assembly 520332
1 1/2" Vacuum Hose - 50 Feet
1 1/2" Vacuum Hose - 25 Feet
Liquid Mercury Separator for Mercury Vacuums
Collection Jars for Mercury Vacuum
Sealing Plug Kit for Mercury Vacuums
Collection Bag Replacement for Nikro Mercury Vacuums
Dacron Filter Bag for Nikro Mercury Recover Vacuums
Impaction filter bag for Nikro Vacuums 862006P
HEPA filter for Nikro Vacuums - 861969
Activated Carbon Filter Model MV00688-SS
Activated Carbon Filter Module for MV15110-SS
Disposable Collection Bag for Insulation Vacs
6" x 25' Vaculite Hose for Insulation Vacuum
4" x 4' Pick-up Tube
6" Metal Hose Connector
4" x 25' Hose for Nikro Insulation Vac
6 to 4 Hose Reducer For Insulation Vac
1 1/2" Hose to 1 1/2" Hose Connector
KD1000 Dry Tool Kit (Metallic -Aluminum)
KW2000-Wet/Dry Tool Kit (Metallic-Aluminum)
PKD100 Dry Tool Kit (Non-Metallic)
PKW-200 Wet/Dry Tool Kit (Non-Metallic)
Deluxe Dryer Vent Brush Kit for Nikro Vacuum - 861710
Poly Collection Bag for Nikro Vacs
2" x 25' Hose Assembly - 540073
2" x 10' Hose Assembly 520433
2" x 50' Hose Assembly 860380
Heavy Duty Dump Valve for 2" NPT - 860915
Gate Valve for Nikro 55 Gallon Vaccum 2" NPT - 862119
Foam Filter Bag - 550015
Filter Bag with locking Ring for HD55345 & HD55230
Impaction Filter for HD55345 & HD55230
Polyester Prefilter for HD55345 & HD55230 (3pk)
HEPA Filter 560028
Set of 6 Mil Poly Bag (6pk) 860089P
Dacron Filter Bag - 560029
Cloth Bag with Ring - 862009
Dryer Vent Brush Kit - 861024
Impaction Filter for Nikro Vacuum
Activated Carbon Filter Module for MV15110-PLY & MV15110PTD
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