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Email Newsletter: October 2015

Get Up to Code
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Dryer Duct Booster Fan - Meets UL 705 Is your dryer fan up to code? UL 705 DEDPV and IRC-2015 require dryer booster fans to have additional safety features, including a panel that shows whether or not the fan is operating properly. These regulations will be in place across the country by the end of 2016, and are in effect in some areas already.

The Tjernlund LB2 dryer duct booster fan meets these important safety requirements with advanced actuation control and improved pressure sensing, and throughout the month of November, it's on sale for $324, a savings of $55. Install it now, before you have to, and get up to code for less.
 Create a Thermal Barrier with Insulated Attic Hatches
Don't let the money you spend on heating and air conditioning your home escape through an unsealed attic entrance. The Department of Energy and other energy experts agree that the entrance to your attic can be a hole in your home's thermal barrier - seal it up by installing an insulated attic hatch from Energy Guardian or Reach Barrier and cut your heating costs.
Insulated Attic Hatches
 Spot Heat Your Home for More Efficiency This Winter 
Want to save on your heating bills this winter? Of course you do. You can cut down on the cost of heating your whole home by strategically using heaters in a variety of rooms and circumstances. We have heaters for every area in your home. Be ready for winter weather and plan your heating strategy now.
Bathroom Heaters
Stay toasty warm when you get out of the shower! Instantly warm your bathroom with these bathroom heaters and their infrared heat lamps. Upgrade your bathroom exhaust fan now and give your bathroom an air of luxury.
Bathroom Heater Fans
Floor and Under-Rug Heaters
If you have hardwood or tile floors, cold floors can make your home a lot less comfortable. Try an under-rug floor heater - it's like a giant heating pad for your floors! Safe, efficient and affordable, these self-regulating heaters go under your area rugs to provide a safe, warm space for kids to play comfortably.
Floor Heaters / Under Rug Heaters
Hand Warmers
Keep warm on chilly fall nights outdoors! Whether your outdoor passions include hiking, skiing or just taking in a football or soccer game, these reusable hand warmers are made in the USA and great for keeping warm - they heat up to 130 degrees in just seconds! For a limited time, buy 5 and get 1 free!
EZ Heat Hand Warmers
Space Heaters
An economical way to heat cold rooms without heating the entire house, space heaters are perfect for any room in your home, from the den to the office to the basement. We have over a dozen space heaters in stock now, including wall-mounted models that won't get knocked over.
Space Heaters
Furnace Heaters
For large rooms or drafty spaces, a regular space heater isn't enough. A ductless furnace heater provides hours of warmth in a big space without a lot of cost. Some models include humidifiers and purifiers, too! 
Furnace Heaters
 Make Your Wood Stove Work Better
If you have a wood burning stove, getting it started can sometimes take longer than you'd like, and it may not always seem as hot as you'd prefer. Luckily, Tjernlund has a pair of ventilation products that will make your wood stove better than ever! 
Auto-Draft Blower for Wood Burning Stoves Get your stove started quickly with the Auto-Draft Blower for Wood Burning Stoves. Get your stove started immediately with no smoky back up and maximum efficiency. Made in the USA by Tjernlund, this blower fits most wood or coal burning stoves and is easy to install without modifying your chimney.
Stove Blower Fan by Tjernlund Make your wood burning stove warm 5 times faster. The Wood Stove Blower Fan captures and distributes radiant heat to make it more efficient. Direct the air where you need it with the directional chute attachment to warm your room quickly and easily. 
 Make Your Fireplace More Efficient
Does your fireplace start hard or suffer from a back draft? Solve your draft problem with a rooftop chimney fan. Designed to be installed easily and repel soot buildup from your chimney, and includes variable speed controls for maximum efficiency.  Tjernlund Fireplace Chimney Fan Model RT750H
  Keep Your Fireplace Clean
Ash Vacuum - 4041200 The Ash Vacuum from Shop Vac is a quick and easy way to keep your fireplace, pellet stove, grill or coal stove clean and free from ash buildup.
Made from stainless steel, with a two-stage filtration system that keeps ashes from escaping through the exhaust. An efficient HEPA filter prevents clogging and stops even ultra-fine dust. 
 Save Money and Clean Your Own Chimney
Lower the cost of chimney maintenance and make your chimney safer and less prone to dangerous chimney fires: clean your own chimney instead of relying on a professional. Creosote, the residue that builds up in your chimney, can be highly flammable.

Do it yourself with a SootEater chimney cleaning kit for less than half of what professional chimney cleaning costs.
SootEater Chimney Cleaning System
 Spread the Warmth with Room to Room Fans
Emergency Fire Escape Ladders Have one room that's always a little colder than the others? Instead of turning up the heat to make it comfortable, consider installing a room to room fan to transfer air from one room to the next, or even one level of your home to another. Heat or cool your problem rooms with these easy-to-install fans and watch your home heating bills shrink.
 Keep Your Garage Warm All Year Round
If you work in your workshop, garage or man-cave all year long, you shouldn't have to be cold when you do it. We have a wide variety of items to improve your garage, including heaters specifically designed for garages and workshops. Many of these models can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted to help you maximize your floor space. Garage Heaters

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