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Email Newsletter: September 2015

Be Prepared
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Be prepared: it's not just a motto, it's a necessity for maintaining your home. As the seasons change, it's a good idea to take stock of what you need to do to keep your home ready for seasonal weather hazards, and also how to upgrade your home to keep it safe year-round. Below, you'll see some of our suggestions for prepping your home for winter weather and everyday mishaps.

Have questions about your next home improvement project? Call us! We're here Monday – Friday from 7 am – 5 pm Pacific time and are happy to help.  888-301-5656.
In the past two decades, flood damage in the U.S. has totaled over $2.7 billion per year. In an El Niño year like 2015, that total is definitely going to increase thanks to heavy rains and flash floods.

Don't get caught unprepared. Keep sandless sandbags handy to keep your home safe from flood damage. These sandless sandbags are a lightweight, easy to deploy alternative to traditional flood barriers, and they're made in the USA.
Sandless Sandbags
Bare Ground Deicer Winter may seem far off, but winter storms are closer than you think. Minimize the impact of winter weather - make sure you have enough snow and ice melt to get you through the season.

Bare Ground liquid ice melt can create a surface that doesn't allow snow or ice to stick (apply a few hours before a storm for the best results). It can last for up to 14 days, that's why it's the ice melt that the professionals use. Bring some home now and be prepared!
When disaster strikes, having light at hand is important. Instead of relying on candle power, keep a rechargeable LED lantern handy in case of emergency. Bright white LEDs can run for 7 hours in the event of a power outage, and are easy to recharge, carry or wall-mount. You can also buy them in a convenient two-pack: keep one in the house, and one in the garage! LED Lanterns
Mold Inhibitor As the seasons change, it's time to think about storing your outdoor furniture and other summer necessities like tarps, tents and canopies. Don't let these items get destroyed by mold and mildew. Use 1 Shot N' Gone, a revolutionary mold inhibitor that protects against virtually all mold, mildew and fungus. It's also child and pet safe. 

Fight mold now with 1 Shot N' Gone mold inhibitor.
There are over 15,000 dryer fires in the United States each year, but dryer fires can be prevented with some simple maintenance. Use a vent cleaning kit to clear your dryer exhaust and keep your home safe.

In addition to posing a fire risk, an obstructed exhaust blocks the flow of air and makes drying your clothes take much longer. Order a LintEater cleaning kit now and be safe.
Lint Eater
SootEater Chimney Cleaning Kit Creosote, the residue that builds up inside your chimney, is highly flammable and can lead to an intense fire inside your chimney that can cause cracks in your flue or worse. Don't put your home in jeopardy - use a SootEater cleaning kit to clean your chimney safely and easily without hiring a chimney cleaner.

Whip your chimney or pellet stove back into shape now!
Radon is everywhere. 1 in 15 homes is estimated to have elevated radon levels, according to the EPA. In well-insulated homes, radon can build up to harmful levels. The best way to deal with elevated radon levels is a radon mitigation fan, built to remove the gas from your home and keep your home safe. These fans are an economical way to boost the performance of passive radon mitigation systems. Radon Fans
Emergency Fire Escape Ladders When an emergency happens, your safety depends on having a quick exit. These lightweight escape ladders from X-IT Ladder are an ideal safety precaution for buildings and homes with two or more stories. Add one of these ladders to your home for a portable, fast emergency exit.
Leaks and broken pipes can do massive damage to your home. Stop flooding before it happens by adding a Floodstop leak detection system to your dishwasher, washing machine or water heater. Floodstop systems work by shutting off the supply at its source, protecting your belongings from costly water damage.

Be prepared: install a leak detection system before you need it.

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