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Home > September 2016 Newsletter: Are these on your Homeís Fall and Winter Checklist?

September 2016 Newsletter: Are these on your Homeís Fall and Winter Checklist?

Protecting Your Investments - Improving Your Home
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   Gutter Cleaning System
  Sick of cleaning gutters from a ladder?

We want to make that easier for you by including everything you need to easily clean and maintain your gutters safely from the ground. Our 13 piece gutter system is designed to use with a cordless drill to provide more power to your rotary brushes, making it easier to remove gunk. The non-rotary tools have water jet nozzles to blast out caked in dirt and debris, and can be used with other window washing attachments, painting tools or other cleaning brushes.
Guttersweep Rotary Gutter Cleaning Tool Set
   Bathroom Fan with Heater
Bathroom Fan with Heater   Get the best of both worlds when you use our bathroom exhaust fan and heater!

Itís a 2-in-1 deal that meets all your bathroom ventilation needs. Both quiet and efficient, this fan is energy star rated and certified by the Home Ventilating Institute. Did we mention that it also comes with a nightlight?
   Attic Hatch Insulation
  Need a solution for an uninsulated attic?

Weíve got you covered with our Attic Hatch Insulating Barriers. These systems are an effective way to insulate your attic hatch, they are easy to install, and designed to eliminate energy loss by reducing heat and cold loss in your home.

Attic Hatch Insulation
   Chimney & Stove Cleaning Kits
Chimney & Stove Cleaning Kits   Donít put your home at risk due to chimney fires!

Save money and enjoy your chimney safely with our SootEater Chimney Cleaning Systems! Professional cleaning can cost up to $150! With the SootEater, you wonít scratch  metal flue pipes, allowing you to clean from the bottom up year after year. Remember, your chimney should be cleaned at least once a year if you enjoy itís warmth more than 3x per week. If you use wet, unseasoned wood, you may need to clean your chimney twice or more annually. The SootEater includes six three-foot flexible rods, one spin whip cleaner, a hex key, a dri ll adapter, a fireplace stove opening cover and userís guide. Find this cleaning system and affordable replacement parts at RE Williams.

  We have a variety of electric space heaters to fit your every need!

Space heaters are an economical way to heat a colder room in your house without having to turn on the heat for the entire house. Space heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we carry a wide variety so that you are sure to find the space heater that is exactly right for your use.
  Auto Draft Blower for Wood Burning Stoves
Auto Draft Blower for Wood Burning Stoves   Solve draft problems and smoky backup without increasing the height or diameter of your chimney.

No smoky backup even with moist or hard-to-ignite wood! Auto-Draft burns wood completely, leaving a fine ash residue in most cases.
   Stove Blower Fan
  Warm up your room 5x faster than a wood stove when you use our wood stove blower fan!

This energy saving tool allows you to direct air where you want it to be by using the directional chute attachment and turning vanes. Itís easy to install and requires no hardwiring, simply plug in the cord!
Stove Blower Fan
   Snow and Ice Melt
Snow and Ice Melt   Spend less time scraping and shoveling this winter by using our safe snow and ice melter products!

Apply Bare Ground a few hours before a storm and it creates a surface that doesnít allow ice & snow to stick! Lasting up to 10-14 days, this snow removal has been used by professionals for more than 10 years.
    Instant Hot Water
  Never wait for hot water again!

Our Instant Hot Water Circulator provides hot water at every faucet or shower when needed, eliminating wasted water. It is easy to install on any water system and requires no additional piping. The unique design of the pump ensures quiet, maintenance-free operation. The system includes a built-in 24 hour, dual setting programmable timer to activate the pump only when needed.
Instant Hot Water

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