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Superfan Inline Whole House Fan

Superfan Inline Whole House Fan
Superfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House FanSuperfan Inline Whole House Fan
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The Superfan™ is Sold Out!

An Innovative break though in Whole House Cooling, it's the "Ultimate Cooling Machine". Simply unrivaled in its class, it's the best inline whole house fan available to the consumer today. A bold claim - but we know that it is true.


Amazingly Quiet and extremely powerful, introducing The Superfan™ (Patent- pending). The world's first multi-port single exhaust inline whole house fan.

Designed by expert engineers with years of experience in ventilation and whole house fan cooling mechanics, this whole house fan has been crafted by pure genius.

The fan's superior design, flawless finish, first class components, and unparalleled manufacturing process are done with one key word in mind - Quality. Assembled under strict quality control standards, with an intricate attention to detail, everything about the fan right down to its painted and powder coated finish both on the interior and exterior of the fan's housing scream of perfection!

What will the Superfan
™ Do For You? Besides blow you away? It will very efficiently and quietly cool your home. The Superfan™ is so quiet that you can operate it while you sleep in pure relaxing comfort. The Superfan™ has the capacity to exhaust up to four rooms or areas of your home, all from a single central unit.

The Superfan's Motor: The fan's motor is designed for many years of maintenance free operation. The fan's motor is specifically used for pulling large amounts of air through air ducts. This type of motor is known as a backward curved impeller fan motor. If you were to use a standard fan for this type of application, the performance and motor life of the fan would be drastically reduced and even more importantly not work. Why? Because standard axial fans were never designed to pull air through ducts, unlike the Superfan™.

Ease of installation: With only one central unit to install, installation is literally a breeze. The installation process is quite simple; Carry the fan into attic, assemble exhaust port and front flange plate in attic. Position fan where desired, select locations for grill placement, cut out sheet rock, attach grills. Fasten ducting to grill and fan intake ports, hardwire fan and switch, your done. There is no joist cutting or any sort of framing involved.

Like a traditional whole house fan, the Superfan works by pulling fresh cool outdoor air into your home. Simply open a few windows, and allow the fan to pull cooler outside air into your home. The warm air in your home is sucked up into your attic at each of the exhaust grills installed in your ceiling. The warm air is then pushed out of the attic through existing roof vents. If you do not have the minimum required net free area of roof venting, that is not a problem. This is the only whole house fan that allows you to attach a 12" duct to the exhaust port to duct the warm exhaust air coming out of the fan directly outside.

Four 8" intake ports, allow for up to 25' of ducting per port to be placed in individual rooms throughout the home.  For example, exhaust vents could be placed in 4 separate bedrooms throughout the home. 

The 12" exhaust port, allows for ducting to be used to exhaust the fan directly to the outside, in cases where there is not enough net free area of roof venting available.  In this scenario, leaving one of the four intake ports un-ducted will allow for attic exhaust as well.  The 12" exhaust port can also be left un-ducted and the warm exhaust air would escape through existing roof ventilation.

On average the fan is rated for use in homes up to 3000 sq.  ft.  This is a cooling fan and should not be used as a bathroom exhaust fan.  The high cubic feet per minute of air flow is not designed for bathroom ventilation. 

Minimum net free area of roof venting required when the Superfan's exhaust port is left un-ducted; 3.4 square feet of net free roof venting.

  • 2500 cfm Fan @ 0" SP approx cfm per intake port at grille opening: 600 cfm
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Also can be run with a line cord for off/on control only
  • Power consumption: 598 watts
  • Amps: Running 5.2
  • Up to 100' of 8" insulated flex duct
  • 1.9 sones
  • Fan Housing Dimensions: 22.25" L x 14.25" W x 22.25" H
  • Intake Port Housing Dimensions: 22.5" L x 7.25" W x 22.5" H
  • Exhaust Port Dimensions: 16.5" L x 12" D
  • Grill dimension: 10 1/4 X 10 1/4
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Fan weight main unit: 58 lbs
  • Front Intake Flange Weight: 12 lbs (secured to fan once inside attic)
  • Fan Exhaust Port Weight: 9 lbs. (also secured to fan once inside attic)
  • Ships in 2 separate boxes
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA
  • UL Listed
  • Download the Superfan Submittal Sheet

  • Download the Superfan User Manual

(4 Eight Inch Exhaust Grilles Supplied with fan)
Outside Grille dimension is 10.25 square

Ducting is not included.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
 Backed By Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
 We stand behind our products 100%
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Contractor pricing is available to qualified businesses, call or email us  


Question: This ad doesnt mention if it has an airtight seal - does it have one??
Answer: The Superfan has a built in back draft damper to prevent any air from coming back into the home. We also sell a set of Superfan off season grille inserts that you can use in the winter months to seal your grills. The inserts will prevent warm humid air from entering your attic during colder winter months.
Question: How many speed settings are available?
Answer: The Superfan is a single speed fan.
Question: No questions... The Superfan is unmatched! Its 80 degrees outside and still 70 degrees in my house. We cool it down as low as we can in the morning and we din use our AC all day.
Answer: Thank you! We appreciate your feedback.
Question: Does fan come with ducting?
Answer: No.
Superfan Inline Whole House Fan

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