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Automatically Detect Water Leaks

When a home appliance suddenly and unexpectedly breaks down, water can overflow causing damage. Even small amounts of water from an unforeseen water leak can wreak havoc, causing considerable damage to your house -- as well as incurring expensive repair and replacement bills. In many cases, the offender of the water leak is a leak associated with an everyday appliance: washing machine, dish washer, water heater, or ice maker.

Don't risk ruining your hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, or other valuables to an appliance water leak that could be avoided. FloodStop water leak detection products detect water leaks in your appliances and sinks, and automatically shut off the water supply to these leaks, providing protection to your home and precious belongings.

How the FloodStop Water Leak Detector Device Works
FloodStop water leak detection system uses a motorized ball valve that senses a water leak, sounds an alarm, and then automatically shuts off the water supply at the source of the leak. All other unaffected appliances are left operational. FloodStop devices work on dishwashers, sinks, basins, water heaters, washing machines, ice machines, toilets or any other items with 3/8" compression fittings. The FloodStop water leak detector can be used with AC Power (with battery backup) or with battery power as its primary source of power.

FloodStop Water Leak Detectors Offer Peace of Mind
Whether at work for the day or on a week's vacation, a Floodstop water leak detector gives you peace of mind while you're away. If an appliance hose breaks or appliance malfunctions, you don't have to worry about coming home to a flood or damage to your home and its contents because the system will detect the leak and shut the water off to the appliance. Keep in mind: appliances have a limited lifespan, and as time goes on, the risk for appliance break down, valve malfunctions, or hose ruptures rises, increasing the risk of a water leak.

Don't wait until you've had a damaging water leak to install the FloodStop water leak detection system.

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