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Why Use GFCI Extension Cords?

As a matter of safety and best practices application, both homeowners and contractors should use GFCI protection when using extension cords in wet or even damp locations. GFCI, which stands for "ground fault circuit interrupter", is a safety device that prevents electrocutions, electric shocks, and burns from occurring year-in and year-out around the home, workplace, or construction site. Most importantly, GFCI devices are designed to protect people from severe, or even worse, fatal electric shocks. GFCI products detect ground faults, which can stop electrical fires before occurring or retard their progression. When electric current is leaking, it's said to have a ground fault.

GFCI devices are available in wall mounted receptacles, circuit breakers, and portable devices like extension cords. Using GFCI extension cords offers protection against electric shocks and potentially lethal electrocutions. These devices monitor flowing electricity in a circuit. If there is a discrepancy between the amount of amperage current flowing and amperage current returning, the GFCI quickly turns off power to that circuit to protect the user from potential electrocution. GFCI extension cords can be used inside or outside. Homeowners should use the outdoor-rated, water-resistant GFCI heavy duty extension cord outside for lawn and garden tools and equipment, appliances, or holiday lighting. They offer ideal protection against electric shock from damaged cords or water exposure. Made out of 12-gauge cord, a GFCI heavy duty extension cord is strong and durable. Available in 25 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft, coupled with three prong conductor cord, they can meet every need.

GFCI extension cords are an important safety device for contractors too. When working on someone else's property, you can't be positive that outlets are properly grounded or wired, so why risk it? The GFCI heavy duty extension cord stores easily in a tool box or glove box. They should always be used when working in damp areas, such as bathrooms, basements, or garages. Because these extension cords provide "portable" GFCI protection, they are a must-have in every contractor's toolbox.

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