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Why You Need a Register Vent Booster Fan

Most of us have one room -- if not more than one -- that is warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. If you have forced-air heating or cooling, but you still have one room that is hotter or cooler than the rest of the house, a register vent booster fan can help.

How a Register Booster Fan Works
A register fan works with your prevailing air conditioning or heating unit to draw out cold or hot air from the ducts to help maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in the room. When your main heating or cooling system shuts off between cycles, heated or cooled air lingers in the ducts and crawl space. A register fan pulls this "lost" air from the ducts.

A simple turn of the dial to "heat" or "cool", along with your target setting, and you'll begin to feel air being drawn in in minutes. Once the air has reached your targeted comfort setting level, the embedded sensor indicator maintains that temperature. The register vent booster fan can also be operated on "fan" mode to continuously keep air circulating in the room.

Benefits of a Register Booster Fan
A register booster fan is an inexpensive alternative to space heaters, attic fans, or window or portable air conditioners. They help to draw out "wasted air" to save energy and money. Both your furnace and your AC will run less frequently, which will lower your utility bills. A register fan is capable of boosting central furnace or air conditioning by up to 60 percent, and most register fans can lower or raise the room's temperature by three to five degrees or more.

Because register fans use low voltage DC fans (similar to fans used to cool a computer), they require very little electricity to operate. For added convenience, some vent booster fans come equipped with a remote control. Because they are available in neutral colors and sit flush against the floor or wall, they blend in with any decor.

Set-up and installation of a register fan is simple because most fans simply glide into your existing register vent openings. However, some models can be mounted on the ceiling or wall if you wish.

Overall, register booster vent fans are easy to install, quiet, affordable to purchase and run, and most importantly, they work.

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