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Window Exhaust Fans

A window fan can be a more earth-friendly and less expensive alternative to air conditioning, either as a replacement or supplement. Because window fans help to reduce energy consumption, they're a green alternative to air conditioning. Proper placement of a window fan can reduce the temperature by 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more, making a real difference in the comfort level of your living space as well as your energy costs.

Window fans provide two functions: they expel warm air and draw in cool air. Although smaller window fans are available, most have a 20" diameter. Most window fans have adjustable side panels, which prevent air from working its way around and back into the fan. Windows fans should fit tightly and snugly. Some window fans have mounting kits, but newer, smaller fans have built-in side panels. In the latter case, all the user has to do is simply open the window, place the fan in the opening, and turn on the fan.

Window fans come in two main types: single fan and double fan. Single fan window fans have one blade, which can change direction to either exhaust air or draw in air. Dual blade fans can be set up to use only one fan or both, depending on your comfort level.

More advanced, or deluxe models, contain a thermostat feature to control the speed of air intake and exhaust. The models that have a thermostat are useful in areas where there are large variations in daytime and nighttime temperatures. Window fan models that have both an exhaust and intake switch allow the user to blow hot air out of the room first, and then draw in the cooler outside air, making them especially effective at cooling down a room.

Windows fans are ideal in bedrooms to allow just one room of the home to be cooled for sleep purposes -- instead of cooling an entire house with central air conditioning. They're also beneficial in kitchens to exhaust cooking odors. Window fans are useful in ventilating excessive smoke as well.

Although window fans can be used in practically any window, they are most effective when placed on the shady side of a home or building. Because heat rises, window fans are ideal on the upper floors of multi-story homes to exhaust hot air out of the upper floor. Once the hot air is exhausted, simply change the fan circulation to intake to draw in cooler air.

All things considered, rooms with an inward blowing fan cool down quicker than rooms with fans blowing outward. Window fans work best when the temperature outside is below the indoor temperature.

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