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UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator

UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator
UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space VentilatorUnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space VentilatorUnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space VentilatorUnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space VentilatorUnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator
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UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator

Model V2D - Made in the USA

UnderAire™ Series Crawl Space Ventilators are designed to circulate fresh outdoor air underneath homes and porches. Excessive humidity levels in Crawl Spaces is the leading cause of premature rotting of support columns, joists, floors and beam supports. Humidity can promote fungus growth and increased termite activity in your crawl space. Humidity may also cause plumbing failures due to rust and corrosion. Constant operation helps vent radon gases, treated wood off-gassing and other odors that might migrate into living areas.

Equipped with a factory installed and pre-wired thermostat which will prevent operation of the fan below 35°F. This crawl space ventilator is controlled by a dehumidistat which actuates the fan if the relative humidity rises above the selected set-point.

The only line of crawl space ventilators with a special "suitable for damp locations" ETL listing. This model of crawl space ventilator features two fans and large faceplate sized for ventilation openings through block foundations.  Includes thermostat, dehumidistat, and pre-wired 6 foot power cord. The ventilator is installed inside crawl space behind existing ventilation opening. Screws and masonry wall anchors are included.

  • Galvanized faceplate may be trimmed if necessary
  • Two fans
  • Adjustable dehumidistat
  • Sealed bearing motors
  • Thermostat deactivates fan below 40°F to avoid freeze-ups
  • Grounded 6' power cord


  • Capacity: 220 CFM
  • Motor: 2 @ 115/1/60  0.60 amps
  • Thermostat:  On at 50°F Off at 35°F
  • Dehumidistat: Off/On or 20-80% RH
  • Dimensions: 18" x 9" x 2"
  • Warranty: One year

Download the Instruction Manual

Facts to know about Crawl Space Ventilation:
  • If soil is damp, as much as 20 gallons of water per 24 hours can evaporate into the air in a 1,400 sq. ft crawl space.
  • Primary causes of excess moisture include:
  • Surface runoff water
  • Poor ventilation
  • No or poor ground vapor barrier
  • Signs of excess moisture in crawl space:
  • Soil is wet
  • Surface organism growth on floor joists
  • Wet insulation
  • Musty odors in crawl space or living areas
  • Excessive moisture in living areas tending to migrate towards windows

From Mississippi State University Extension Service

How to determine the number of UnderAire Crawl Space Ventilators needed:
Calculate the cubic area of the crawl space by multiplying the length x width x height. Divide this number by 15 to determine the minimum CFM necessary to fully ventilate the space in 15 minutes. Example: 20' wide x 40' long x 3' high crawl space = 2,400 cubic ft. 2400 cubic ft. ÷ 15 minutes = 160 CFM of ventilation. Choose two V1 or V1D crawl space ventilators or one V2D crawl space ventilator.

Made in the USA!

Question: Just purchased this fan what setting should I use? Im not certain where to set dial.
Answer: We recommend setting the dehumidistat at 50% to avoid mold and mildew.
Question: Does this fit to standard size of 8X16 vent? Is installation easy?
Answer: Yes, it will. The dimensions of the unit are 18"x9"x2" which will mount right behind a standard foundation vent.
Question: HI I am looking for a Fan for our attic that will fit in an existing window. I do not have a gable so this limits choices. Would this UnderAire work for this purpose? We are looking for something with a Thermostat that we can set -- tun on at or over 80 degrees. We bought our Panasonic bathroom fan from you 8 years ago works great!
Answer: The UnderAire Crawl space fan would not work for this application. The Thermostat is set to come on at 50°F Off at 35°F. You may consider looking at our window fans section. Look for the Lasko twin 8 inch window fan, it includes a thermostat control that is manually operated.
Question: Can this fan be used in a basement window?
Answer: The UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator needs to be mounted behind an existing foundation vent in your crawl space. For basement ventilation you may consider the XchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan
Question: This appears to blow fresh air in. Could it be turned around to exhaust stale air? If not do you sell a fan that does?
Answer: The UnderAire Crawl space fan is actually designed to exhaust the air out of your crawl space. To bring in fresh air you would look at our Fresh Air Supply Fan
Question: Can you hear this fan running or is it quiet? There are only two foundation vents in my home and both are under bedrooms.
Answer: The UnderAire Deluxe crawl space ventilator is quiet.
Question: My current vents are smaller than 18 x 9 should I purchase a larger crawlspace vent?
Answer: The minimum size to mount this two fan Crawl Space ventilator is 4.5 x 14 inches.
Question: How much does this product weigh?
Answer: The V2D Crawl Space Ventilator weighs 4 pounds.
Question: Just to clarify when this fan is mounted as shown in the installation instructions is it blowing air in or sucking it out? Thanks
Answer: The V2D crawl space ventilator will draw the air out of the crawl space.
Question: Can this fan be plugged into an extension cord?
Answer: Yes, as long as the extension cord is NEC approved.
Question: Can this fan be set to continuous operation?
Answer: If the dehumidistat is set at the lowest setting the fan should run continuously, as long as the relative humidity does not drop lower than 20%.
Question: Can the fans be set to reverse air flow?
Answer: No.
UnderAire Deluxe Two Fan Crawl Space Ventilator
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