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XchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan

XchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan
XchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation FanXchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation FanXchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation FanXchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation FanXchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan
Item #TJE X2D
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Is your basement damp, stale and musty? Do you hate going down there because of the poor quality of the air? 
Use this easy to install basement ventilation fan to easily solve your problem.

The XchangeR basement fan is an economical and easy way to automatically ventilate your basement in order to eliminate stinky basement odors and reduce humidity.  It is a dual fan mechanical ventilator capable of exhausting inside air, providing fresh outside air or providing a balanced air exchange. The fans can be independently switched on or off or be easily reversed to provide fresh outside air or exhaust inside air. Includes a dehumidistat control which operates the fan(s) based on the relative humidity sensed by the control inside the home. The dehumidistat control includes an “On” setting that will operate the fan(s) continuously or the switch can be turned “Off” so the fan(s) do not operate during undesirable seasons.

For less than the cost of a portable dehumidifier and at the fraction of the operating expensive, you can reduce humidity levels and eliminate the musty smell of basement mold by installing this basement fan. It is also economical and uses only 40 watts compared to over 1,000 watts for the typical dehumidifier. Save over $100 per year in electrical costs.

You can also easily flip one or both of fans to achieve the following:


Exhaust musty air or air contaminated by wood off-gassing or radon


Supply fresh make up air in tight homes or for stoves and fireplaces

Position one fan in each direction for balanced fresh air exchange

Simple Installation!
Install XchangeR through a 12 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch opening in a basement rim joist. Secure the control box to the wall. Plug the XchangeR fans into the control and plug the control into a standard outlet. Download the Installation Instructions


  • Adjustable dehumidistat and separate on/off switches for each of the quiet 90 CFM fans
  • Simple plug-in electrical (6' cords) and very low power use
  • Installs through rim joist of 16" on center or greater floor joists
  • Easy maintenance - rugged outdoor hood with easy to remove and clean screen
  • Available plug-in speed control (Model SCP)
  • Available ducting kit with 6" diffusers/intakes

You can also use the XchangeR fan to:

  • Comply with residential ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.2-2007
  • Supply make-up air for stoves or fireplaces
  • Ventilate storage areas and garages
  • Ventilate unoccupied vacations homes


  • Dehumidistat: 20% - 80% RH Range
  • Rough-in Wall Opening Dimensions: 12 1/4” x 5 1/4””
  • CFM performance complies with requirements of ASHRAE 62.2-2007 for homes up to 7,500 Ft2 & 7 bedrooms
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Made in the USA!

Number of Fans Operating

Voltage Watts Amps CFM
1 120 VAC 20 0.3 90
2 120 VAC 40 0.6 180

Question: If I was to install in my basement which is approx. 32x45 ft would 1 unit be enough? Could I run the inlet line back to the center of the basement? instead of going directly down the wall from the unit.
Answer: Yes, one XchangeR Ventilation fan will cover your size basement. If you want to run a duct from this fan to the center of the basement you would want to look at our 6 inch take off for Basement ventilation fan

Question: If you run one fan in intake mode and the other in exhaust mode with the exhaust air is so close to the intake wont the fresh air be contaminated?
Answer: No, there is enough velocity on the Xchanger Basement Fan that the air will get pushed into the room and not contaminated or will not do a 90 degree turn and go back outside.
Question: On the outside vent how far off the ground must the vent be?
Answer: The XchangeR must be mounted one foot minimum above grade or anticipated snow line.
Question: What is the decibel level when both fans are exhausting?
Answer: On the XchangeR each fan is about 48 decibels.
Question: Is the vent screened to stop insects from entering the house?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Does this unit have a damper to keep cold air out when unit is not running in winter?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Can it be installed through a basement window opening instead of a rim joist?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Does this purchase include the humidity controller?
Answer: Yes.
Question: For basement ventilation only how large of an area will the unit accommodate?
Answer: The X2D should be able to handle an 800 square foot basement with 7-8 foot ceilings. If you are using this unit for a crawlspace, I would say 1,200 to 1,500 square feet.
XchangeR Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan

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